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10ft Shipping Containers For Sale

Container Consumables offers a wide range of fully seam welded, structurally sound, weather-sealed 10ft shipping containers for sale. Shipping containers are a safe and affordable alternative to traditional building materials like concrete or brick.

10ft Containers

Why Buy 10ft Shipping Containers from Container Consumables?

We offer an extensive range of 10ft shipping containers here at Container Consumables, and we are ready and waiting to help you to choose the best one for you.

Depending on your reasons for having your shipping container, our expert team can find the most suitable container for you, and give you advice on how to make the most of it. We can help you with the delivery of your shipping container for storage, or with designing your converted shipping container – and then carrying out the work for you.

We can then deliver your new shipping container construction ready and raring to go, to your site.

Our Guarantee When You Buy A 10ft Container

Safe and secure containment

Steel is the most secure material in the world – it’s fireproof, watertight, and can be permanently sealed against intrusion. Shipping containers are also safe from any natural disaster withstanding winds up to 90MPH.

Durable and sustainable living

A shipping container home is built to last; they’re sturdy enough to withstand corrosive salt water and capable of surviving through an earthquake or tornado. The aluminum skin on a shipping container also means it won’t rot like wood.

Fast delivery times and low prices

We have a wide selection of new and used containers at our depot, ready to be picked up immediately or delivered nationwide!

Containers Options


8ft Containers

Floor Area 51 sq ft (4.78m²)
Cubic Capacity 348 cu ft (9.28m³)
Weight 1 ton (1.02 tonnes)

10ft Containers

Floor Area 72sqft (6.69m²)
Cubic Capacity 560 cu ft (15.89m³)
Weight 1.5 tons (1.52 tonnes)

10ft High Cube Containers

Floor Area 72sqft (6.69m²)
Cubic Capacity 630cu ft (17.84m3))
Weight 1.5 tons (1.52 tonnes)/>)

20ft Containers

Floor Area 150sqft (13.93m²)
Cubic Capacity 1160 cu ft (32.85m³)
Weight 2.2 – 2.4 tons (2.2 -2.4 tonnes)

20ft High Cube Containers

Floor Area 72sqft (6.69m²)
Cubic Capacity 560 cu ft (15.89m³)
Weight 1.5 tons (1.52 tonnes)

40ft Containers

Floor Area 305sqft (28.33m²)
Cubic Capacity 2360 cu ft (66.83m³))
Weight 4 tons (4.06 tonnes))

40ft High Cube Containers

Floor Area 305sqft (28.33m²)
Cubic Capacity 2660cu ft (75.32m3)
Weight 4 tons (4.06 tonnes)

Door Options
containers for sale


Cargo door at one end This is the familiar
double door configuration with
both opening from the middle

containers for sale


Cargo doors at both ends Sometimes you need to access from both ends of a container. This can either be a single/personnel, double (cargo), or combination.

10ft Containers For Sale

Our weatherproof and highly secure self‐storage containers are manufactured to meet the standards set by the International Standards Organisation (ISO). This regulation covers the size, strength and durability of each container we sell.
All new ISO containers are supplied with a valid CSC Plate, so they’re ready to be shipped when required. *Please note that second-hand containers may require inspection and re‐certification to renew the CSC plate for shipping.

10ft Container Size & Specifications

Note – all given dimensions are approximate:

General Specifications

Floor Area72sqft (6.69m²)
Cubic Capacity560 cu ft (15.89m³)
Weight1.5 tons (1.52 tonnes)

External Dimensions

Length10ft (3.05m)
Width8ft (2.44m)
Height8ft 6ins (2.59m)

Internal Dimensions

Length9ft 2ins (2.80m)
Width7ft 7ins (2.33m)
Height7ft 9ins (2.35m)

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