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Containers For Sale

Whatever your requirements, we have shipping containers for sale in all standard sizes, ready for delivery nationwide throughout the SA. Buy from Container Consumables today

Containers for sale and hire!

We are a proud and experienced company that has been around for over 23 years. We convert shipping containers into just about any type of modified unit for the military, government, and private sector.

At Container Consumables, we convert shipping containers into just about any type of modified unit. We can supply new or used containers customized to your specific needs.

Whether you just need some storage space or a sophisticated Computer laboratory, clinic, ablution facilities, mobile clinic, mobile office, and more.  You imagine it and we will deliver. We have also developed affordable domestic units for tenant accommodation,  extra living space, playroom, workshops etc. , the possibilities for converted containers are endless.

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Which Size Container Is Right For You?

8ft Containers

Floor Area 51 sq ft (4.78m²)
Cubic Capacity 348 cu ft (9.28m³)
Weight 1 ton (1.02 tonnes)

10ft Containers

Floor Area 72sqft (6.69m²)
Cubic Capacity 560 cu ft (15.89m³)
Weight 1.5 tons (1.52 tonnes)

10ft High Cube Containers

Floor Area 72sqft (6.69m²)
Cubic Capacity 630cu ft (17.84m3))
Weight 1.5 tons (1.52 tonnes)/>)

20ft Containers

Floor Area 150sqft (13.93m²)
Cubic Capacity 1160 cu ft (32.85m³)
Weight 2.2 – 2.4 tons (2.2 -2.4 tonnes)

20ft High Cube Containers

Floor Area 72sqft (6.69m²)
Cubic Capacity 560 cu ft (15.89m³)
Weight 1.5 tons (1.52 tonnes)

40ft Containers

Floor Area 305sqft (28.33m²)
Cubic Capacity 2360 cu ft (66.83m³))
Weight 4 tons (4.06 tonnes))

40ft High Cube Containers

Floor Area 305sqft (28.33m²)
Cubic Capacity 2660cu ft (75.32m3)
Weight 4 tons (4.06 tonnes)

containers for sale


Cargo door at one end This is the familiar
double door configuration with
both opening from the middle

containers for sale


Cargo doors at both ends Sometimes you need to access from both ends of a container. This can either be a single/personnel, double (cargo), or combination.

Need a reliable, NEW or USED shipping or storage container

With 40 years of experience, Container Consumables is a reliable provider of storage solutions. With quality products and reliable service, we are your best option for all your storage needs.

Our team of experienced professionals can help you find the right size and type of secure storage container for your needs. We have a stockyard in Durban and throughout the country. We won’t leave your delivery site until it’s structurally sound and you’re 100% satisfied.

Our container accessories maximize the application of your container and your investment from the start. These include shelves, interior liners, and staff doors ramps, and more

These accessories provide complete adaptation to your application and increased security for shipping containers of different sizes, letting you focus less on logistics and more on optimizing delivery efficiency.

Our sales team is always available to offer you more advice and information about our products. We recommend browsing our website for a container that fits your needs.

We have a range of shipping containers and accessories that are perfect for those looking to transport goods, store them or create a mobile office.

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